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Company «UNONA» - the Russian production company, which produces wedding and evening dresses, Children's fancy clothes and school clothes for girls brand «UNONA D'art», as well as related accessories. history of the company started in 1999 year with a small sewing workshop. Today «UNONA» - is a company with several manufacturing plants, supply their own fabrics and accessories.
All models of wedding and evening dresses have been developed by designers and engineers of the company. Sewing shop is equipped with not only a high quality sewing equipment «Juki» and «Yamata», but also a unique four golovochnoy embroidery machine, which allows for embroidery on a canvas, and the semi-finished product.
Each dress has all the trappings of corporate products. This protection is in the form of a brand name that is sure sewn into each dress and branded packaging. Therefore, this dress brand «UNONA D'art» always be distinguished from other dresses.
The annual output is about 1,200 wedding products range and 35,000 units of children's products.
Regular participation in international exhibitions company, contributes to the expansion of geography of the products of the brand «UNONA D'art» wedding shops and children's clothing stores in Russia.
Today, the company's customers are retail stores in 16 cities, from Moscow to Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky and Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk.
Industrial base and the company's management is in the center of Russia - in Novosibirsk.
The location of the company makes it especially attractive for bridal salons and retailers located from the Urals to the Far East.
Powerful transportation (air, car, w / d), which is located in Novosibirsk, and established contacts allow unhindered in a short time and at a reasonable cost to deliver products to almost anywhere in Russia, and even the world.
The priority of the company is the development and production of fashion, elegant and always of high quality products. A huge role in achieving this goal is the correct selection of materials for a particular model. The bulk of the materials used in the production of wedding dresses until 2005, accounted for fabric and lace fabric produced in Japan, Korea, Turkey, decorative fabric made in England and France. But the continued development and increased consumer demand have pushed the company's specialists to expand the geography of research materials for their collections. So since 2005. in the collections of wedding dresses brand «UNONA D'art» have been actively used fabric and lace fabric made in Italy.
In the next two years, the main goal of the company «UNONA» is to increase the production of products and expand its client base by 30-40%.
Pricing policy takes into account the interests of the two categories of citizens: the size of the income from the average and above average. However, the relatively low cost of hired labor and rent in the Siberian region helps to keep wholesale prices at a reasonable level, which makes the product very attractive to potential customers.


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